1)The Japan market profitable?

The Japan market remains ones of the biggest markets in the world. With a population ranging 126,800,000,100, it remains also one of the richest market.

2) Do I need to travel to the Japan?

We take care of everything for you, so you can save air fare costs, hotels and traveling expenses. However.

3) What type of products do you sell?

A wide range of products. Every product is assigned to a specialized team.

4) What are my risks in selling in the Japan or to work with you?

You have basically no risks. You do not need to travel if you don’t want to. You have knowledgeable partners in Japan.

5) I can sell my products on my own, why do I need you?

You may do so. However, your investment will be much higher. Plus you do not have a local partner that knows the market and can give you access to a network of opportunity.
To sell your products in the Japan, you need to have: a local office, a sales team, you need to know the market; you need to show your products to give exposure and to let buyers know about your products.

6) How are you structured?

We have different departments each ones specialized in every single aspect. We can provide logistic assistance, sales assistance, marketing assistance, legal assistance.